Building on Our Momentum From the Past Year

HQ Direct has had a great year! As a team, we overcame many speed bumps, and we learned useful lessons from them. Also, through all of our experiences, we grew more united.

Our 2020 HQ Direct goals are to extend into a new market to further our reach. To do this, we have to focus on the basics, such as organisation. This is a word that many people find intimidating – they mistake it for rigidity, or obsessiveness. Another way to think of being organised though is to work by design. Working by design is a much better way of describing an organic, fluid process that allows for creativity without sacrificing orderliness and structure.

Encouraging innovation is another of our success strategies for the coming year. Maintaining our competitive edge requires us to always stay one step ahead of the competition, and for that we rely on the creative genius of our crew. There is always room for improvement, even when a process or strategy is working, and this attitude is a central element of our office culture.

Through reflection, we learn how to streamline and design our efforts in a way that invites creative problem-solving and keeps us on the cutting edge of our field. Learn more about our specific targets for the coming year – and how they might match your career goals – by following HQ Direct on LinkedIn.