Combining Gin and Cheese to Build Our Company Culture

We’re extremely excited to announce our next HQ Direct team-building event: a gin and cheese tasting! This promises to be a great chance for us to bond, and it’s something we’re sure to talk about for the rest of the year. To qualify, associates have to hit predetermined milestones each week for a certain number of weeks.

Keeping our HQ Direct culture upbeat and inviting is one of our top priorities. We have several strategies for making this happen, but one of the best (and most fun!) is our frequent team nights. We often go out together after hours to bowl, eat dinner, or engage in some other fun activity that gives us a chance to connect with one another on a more personal level than our busy workweek schedules might allow.

Our office environment is one of our sharpest competitive edges, which is what makes team events so important. The stronger our sense of camaraderie, the easier it is for us to collaborate when creating outreach campaigns for the companies in our portfolio. We achieve our best results when we pool our talents and resources, so building strong ties between team members is an investment in the future success of our organization.

Gin plus cheese equals memories that will last a lifetime. Like HQ Direct on Facebook to see pictures from this unique team-building event.