Highlighting Our Amazing Training Program

Our HQ Direct training program sets us apart from our competitors. Put simply, it’s a thorough system that focuses on the key drivers of success in our industry. Greig Ward, who provides learning and business coaching support for our team, explained what makes our program so effective.

Greig began with a basic rundown of what our training system consists of. He stated, “The program is competency-based. Therefore, I have collaborated and consulted with a range of experienced sales professionals to identify what they consider to be the essential elements for an individual at each stage of their sales career.” These competencies form a checklist each member of Team HQ Direct can work from as they progress through the program. A workbook goes along with each of these checklists, creating a blended learning approach.

Asked about the benchmarks of our training program, Greig remarked, “The program is based upon the person building and demonstrating required competencies in the fields of sales, site/territory management, customer service, coaching and support of others, administration, planning, scheduling, and eventually sales and business management. While there will always be KPI’s for sales results, much of the program is based upon the skill sets required to achieve and sustain these results.”

Greig added that those with grit tend to do best in our training system. The tenacity to pursue short-, mid-, and long-term goals is vital. A positive attitude doesn’t hurt either. In terms of the results from our training program, Greig stated that he’s seen people with no sales experience grow into successful sales managers who then coach others to succeed.

Few training programs feature the specific milestones we’ve devised. Our system is also self-paced but can be easily guided by a coach or support person. To learn more about how we prime our team members for long-term success, like HQ Direct on Facebook.