How to Own Your Next Job Interview

Whenever we’re in front of others whom we wish to motivate, it can lead to some nervousness on our part. This trepidation is even stronger when the product we need to showcase is ourselves. Our HQ Direct team has participated in a few job interviews, where nerves often play a factor in how well someone presents him or herself before hiring managers. Fortunately, there are techniques we can use to project calm and confidence:

  • Listen to Your Gut: Many companies like HQ Direct interview for cultural fit. Interviewees should do the same. We need to focus on how well we might work with others on a given team. Many skills can be taught, but being able to relate to people we work with all week is what will ultimately decide how well we do.
  • Know Your Value: Everyone has something to offer to a prospective employer. However, people who are solid on how their skills translate to something a hiring company can benefit from are more likely to be offered a position. The best way to articulate your proficiencies is to do research on a firm’s needs and pain points and highlight how what you do can help them reach a goal or solve a problem.
  • Rehearse: Before any interview, do a practice run with a friend or family member who will provide constructive feedback so you know what areas to polish.

The interview is what gets you a new position. Like HQ Direct on Facebook for more tips on how to nail a meeting with hiring managers.