Musty Moves Forward to Sales Trainer Position

We’re a principle-driven organisation, and one of the ideals that influences us the most is recognition. We want our colleagues to know they are appreciated and feeling valued encourages us to put all our efforts into our HQ Direct careers. This month, we want to highlight Musty for his recent promotion to sales trainer.

Since joining HQ Direct, Musty has continuously advanced and helped others move forward with the company as well. He understands that being truly successful includes helping others reach their goals as he pursues his own aspirations, and he has earned the respect of his peers for his generosity and concern for their well-being.

There are several good business reasons to adopt a recognition programme. The first and most important is that when team members are appreciated, they feel good about what they do. This translates into more than just job satisfaction; people are even happier at home when they know they are valued at work.

Being recognised also promotes loyalty to the company. Interviewing, on-boarding, and training new team members are expensive investments, and we want to make sure that people feel comfortable making us a long-term career destination. Showing our gratitude is an easy way to encourage our team members to stay.

Congratulations again to Musty for taking the next step in your career journey; we’re sure you’ll succeed in your new role. Like HQ Direct on Facebook to learn more about how we show our team members appreciation.