Our Competitive Mind-Set Is a Major Advantage

Around the HQ Direct office, we never shy away from a demanding new challenge. We bring a competitive approach to every project and push our teammates to get better every day. Like the world’s most accomplished athletes, we never rest on our laurels, and always look for an edge over the competition.

One of the key aspects of our winning approach is how we learn from setbacks. When we come up against obstacles or unplanned outcomes, we take time to figure out how the experience can help us improve. From there, we have more confidence to alter our methods and try again. We always find something positive to take from a project, even if the results aren’t quite what we wanted.

It’s easy for us to stay motivated because we have so many opportunities to improve. Ongoing education is a hallmark of our HQ Direct culture. We compete with each other when it comes to staying ahead of the industry curve. This includes our many travel opportunities, which often put us shoulder-to-shoulder with the biggest influencers in our business. We’re energised by improving, and by putting our recharged skills to the test in the marketplace.

We plan to keep pushing ahead with our competitive fires burning. Follow HQ Direct on Instagram to keep up with all our team achievements, and to learn more about our successful approach.