PRESS RELEASE: HQ Direct Honors Brand Ambassadors for Wins in 2018

SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC, AUS – Jarrod, HQ Direct’s President, is reflecting on the firm’s many victories in the past year, making sure that team members feel appreciated for their contributions. He explained the importance of contemplating success.

There is a long list of reasons that HQ Direct brand ambassadors should be proud of 2018, according to Jarrod. Not only did the firm expand its operations and increase its influence in existing markets, but several associates were promoted over the past year.

In fact, it’s hard to explain just how amazing the last twelve months have been for HQ Direct, though Jarrod said that the amount of travel team members enjoyed is a good way to show the year’s success. For starters, top producers travel to Bali in March for an annual rest and relaxation retreat. This is an exclusive, all-expenses-paid, invitation-only event where international business leaders shared their collective wisdom while also relaxing poolside at one of the world’s most luxurious resort hotels.

Executives also traveled to Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, for a chance to network with global influencers. This island chain off the coast of Malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and is a member of the Global Geopark Network. A visit to this heavenly island chain would not be complete without riding the Langkawi Cable Car to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang, where the Langkawi Sky Bridge is located.

Last but certainly not least, HQ Direct associates attended the Entrepreneurial Summit in Kingscliff, another major networking conference, and celebrated Industry Day in October. This was a day set aside to honor colleagues for the quality of their achievements.

Benefits From Reflecting on HQ Direct’s Success

Jarrod looks for ways to celebrate HQ Direct wins at all times, because of the many benefits received when team members remind themselves that they are crushing it. In fact, this feeling of victory itself is actually an important part of the success process, Jarrod stated: perception becomes reality, as the maxim says, and when people perceive themselves as winners, they work to create that truth in every aspect of their lives.

Of course, the important part of this is that the feeling of success Jarrod is striving to share with his people is more than just perception. HQ Direct team members excelled in every way in 2018, and have every reason to believe that 2019 will exceed expectations as well.

About HQ Direct:
HQ Direct knows how to connect with the public on a personal level to realise exceptional customer acquisition rates. This firm’s effective strategy is cultivated through top-notch professional and personal development for their talented staff. Each associate is precisely trained on how to create and execute outreach campaigns that attract more people and net increased results for the companies they represent. At the heart of HQ Direct’s success is their collaborative culture, which inspires their associates to deliver more with each initiative they create. Follow their progress and learn how they are creating impact for their partners at hqdirectaus.com.au.