PRESS RELEASE: HQ Direct Provides Access to National Leadership Conference

SOUTH MELBOURNE, VIC, AUS – Select HQ Direct team members will be attending a conference in Melbourne featuring industry leaders from across the country. Jarrod, the firm’s President, shared some tips for frequent travellers.

One of Jarrod’s top priorities as a business leader is giving his team members every chance to achieve their personal and professional potential. Learning and networking with some of the most outstanding individuals in customer acquisitions is certainly one way to make this happen, which is why Team HQ Direct will attend the 2019 Divisional Launch in Lorne, Victoria.

Hand-selected associates will spend an all-expenses-paid weekend in Lorne listening to experts in the field share their knowledge on what it takes to succeed. What’s more, they will network and build relationships with people who will motivate and encourage them on their career journeys.

One of the most exciting parts of the event will be the awards ceremony, where top producers will be recognised for achieving significant milestones. Jarrod is especially looking forward to hearing the stories of overcoming that the recipients will share and having his HQ Direct brand ambassadors see just how much opportunity there is for dedicated professionals in the industry.

Tips for Frequent Travellers Used by HQ Direct Team Members

The HQ Direct travel programme sends team members out on several different kinds of trips throughout the year. In fact, they travel frequently enough that Jarrod shares travel tips with his team so they can focus on the good parts of these ventures with as little stress as possible.

For example, as simple as it sounds, it’s important to remember to pack snacks. Food options at airports aren’t always healthy, and it’s difficult to remain patient and lucid when people are hungry. Protein bars, food bars, trail mix, or raw vegetables are all valid, healthy choices that keep blood sugar levels and moods stable.

Another trip tip is also a good general suggestion: start a running or walking habit. These require minimal equipment and can therefore be done anywhere – even on the road. Jarrod noted that this is also a great way to explore a new area and appreciates an early morning jog because it gives him the chance to see a city as it’s waking up.

Jarrod and the rest of Team HQ Direct are excited about the upcoming trip to Lorne, and all the other travel opportunities that are available throughout the year. He is certain that the trips will accelerate many careers at the firm and build camaraderie as well.

About HQ Direct:
HQ Direct knows how to connect with the public on a personal level to realise exceptional customer acquisition rates. This firm’s effective strategy is cultivated through top-notch professional and personal development for their talented staff. Each associate is precisely trained on how to create and execute outreach campaigns that attract more people and net increased results for the companies they represent. At the heart of HQ Direct’s success is their collaborative culture, which inspires their associates to deliver more with each initiative they create. Follow their progress and learn how they are creating impact for their partners at hqdirectaus.com.au.