The Future Is Here, and We Are Ready for It

We’re future-focused in the HQ Direct office: what we’ve done in the past matters far less than the work we’re willing to put in towards the future. This is one reason why we’re so willing to interview and on-board those with little to no job history. We’re considering what they are ready to do as opposed to their past achievements.

Also, because we are focused more on making things happen, we embrace team members with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. As our company moves forward, it is our collective goal to be as relatable as possible to as many people as we can. When we add our diverse perspectives, we expand our market reach.

Respecting the different styles of learning found at HQ Direct is another way we prepare for tomorrow’s prosperity. There was a time when the definition of smart was quite narrow. Today, we know that there are many ways to describe intelligence, and a growing list of approaches to develop it. As we become smarter, we become a collectively more talented organization.

Management is a multifaceted activity. Rather than prescribe specific methods, we’ve found one question that sums up our approach: how does a manager lead from the front and bring out the best from his or her team members? In answering that question, our people become leaders.

We have so much to learn and look forward to that there’s little reason to worry about the way things used to be done. See how else we’re preparing for the future by following HQ Direct on Instagram.