The Right Culture Helps a Company Create Balance

“At HQ Direct, we are in the business of helping people achieve their potential,” Jarrod, the firm’s President, stated. “One way we do this is by providing a fun and exciting environment for our team members. Of course, on the other hand, we take career navigation very seriously. We also take what we do for the companies in our portfolio seriously.” For Jarrod, this means that a balance between formal and informal is one of his top priorities.

In any industry, when working in an environment of enthusiastic, like-minded entrepreneurs, Jarrod explained there can be a fine line between business and personal relationships. What he strives for is a place where people respect and trust each other, so that they’re comfortable asking for help and reaching out to one another. It’s also key that our team members get along well together, which keeps morale high.

One of the HQ Direct strategies for walking this fine line is to hire those who fit our company culture. While industry experience is a plus, what we really want to find are people who share values like integrity and professionalism. Also, we imagine ourselves on a four-hour plane ride with the candidate we’re interviewing. By looking for those live by the same principles as the rest of our team, and considering the quality of their company as well, we consistently find talented team members who help us strike the right tone in our office.

Maintaining our inspiring and empowering office culture is one of our top priorities. Learn more about how we do that by checking out our HQ Direct Newswire feed.