Tips to Build an Effective Network

Within our HQ Direct community, we emphasise the importance of making solid connections that will further our goals. There is a decided art to networking, as we want to add contacts who will truly be of benefit to us as we move forward on our professional journeys. For this reason, we’ve collected a few tips to help us identify the most impactful people and move toward mutually helpful relationships.

First, as we discuss in our HQ Direct office, we need a clear purpose with our networking endeavours (as we do in everything else). This means setting goals regarding the type of person we might want to meet and why. Sometimes our objective is to make connections who will introduce us to others. Other times, we might need a mentor from whom we can learn and grow in a specific area.

Being genuine is paramount as we engage with new people. We want to be forthcoming about our objectives, while at the same time recognising these are individuals with their own needs and goals. In a great relationship, things are reciprocal. We each bring something of value to the table and help each other further our own goals. By being reliable, accountable, and authentic, we establish a basis for trust which serves both parties going forward.

Our networks are our tickets to brighter professional futures. Follow HQ Direct on Instagram for more tips on how to create and sustain key relationships with others.