We’re Adding to Our Team Yet Again!

It’s time once again to build up Team HQ Direct as we zoom past our ambitious growth goals. Jarrod, our firm’s President, explained that we’re specifically seeking associates to fill the sales trainer position. It’s an exciting time to join our family, and we can’t wait to meet with driven candidates who are ready to learn and improve every single day!

HQ Direct sales trainers have a wide range of responsibilities. They perform marketing services while acquiring customers and long-term donors for the businesses we represent. Sales trainers provide the best possible customer service while also assisting in the induction and training of new brand ambassadors. Those who want to fill these positions will need to be strong coaches who are excited about helping others improve.

Everyone who joins our team benefits from on-the-job training. We also receive all kinds of ongoing learning options, from in-house sessions to conferences that connect us with the top names in our industry. We’re always enhancing our skill sets and knowledge bases.

Clear advancement policies are also key parts of the HQ Direct experience. We know exactly what we need to do in order to reach the next level of our careers. The support we receive throughout our journeys makes it easier for us to attain promotions.

Those who are ready for a rewarding challenge will feel right at home in our office. Follow us on Instagram for more on our hiring push.