We’re Taking Our Holiday Celebration to the Roof!

Team HQ Direct is excited to announce that it’s time for our rooftop holiday party! Each year, we throw an end-of-year celebration which is a great opportunity for our team to spend time together outside the workplace. It’s also a chance for us to commemorate the beginning of summer, so the party is sure to be a blast.

Not only will the HQ Direct festivities welcome us to let our proverbial hair down, such events also help us build an incredibly tight team. While we have plenty of our own evidence to support this idea, there is sound science to back it up as well. At MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, researchers have identified the dynamics that define high-performing teams. They include:

• Each person on the team talks and listens in equal measure.

• People feel free to speak to one another directly and enthusiastically.

• Team members connect directly with peers, rather than having all relationships filter through the team leaders.

• Side conversations in the group are encouraged.

• Membership in a group is fluid; people are encouraged to join other teams, learn from them, and bring new information back to the original group.

So, what does this have to do with our party? When we get away from the office, we also escape from our professional titles and roles. We connect with one another on a personal level, and that ease we develop with one another comes back to the workplace with us. Smoother communication and collaboration are always the results.

Our parties are more than just fun – they’re the foundation of our team-oriented culture. See pictures from our rooftop celebration by liking HQ Direct on Facebook.